Home Buyers

MLS Home Search

Search for the perfect home using my custom home search tool, updated daily with current home listings.  Create custom searches, save properties and rate your favorites!

Email Drips

Never miss an opportunity! Along with my personal email drips and daily hunts for off-market options, you can save custom searches and receive email alerts in your inbox!

Off-Market Homes

Stay in the know! I will leverage my extensive REALTOR® relationship network to find pre-list homes for sale before they become available on the public market.

Market Analysis

Before making an offer, I will conduct a comparative market analysis (CMA) to help you understand your market and make the strongest offer possible.

Expert Negotiation

Your best interest is my top priority.  I will negotiate on your behalf to achieve the most favorable terms possible.

Contract To Close

My team handles the entire buying process from contract to close, ensuring your experience is as stress-free as possible.

Vendor Network

Feel confident in your transaction by leveraging my network of preferred lenders, title companies and contractors.

Document E-Sign

I leverage e-sign technology so that you receive documents immediately. Sign documents with a click wherever you are!


Buyer Consultation

Every transaction begins with a personal consultation. We will review your home purchase goals and establish a strategy for finding your perfect home. If you have a home to sell, we will simultaneously strategize our timing on when to list your home in order to buy. This is a delicate balance, but one I am certainly used to!


Loan Pre-approval

Should you choose, I will help connect you with a lender that can facilitate a pre-approval letter. Obtaining pre-approval in advance will save time by allowing your lender access to information required to secure a mortgage loan. The pre-approval letter will strengthen your offer and allow the seller to see that you are already approved with a bank.


Property Showings

As you find homes you like, I will schedule personal showing tours and set up times for us to see the properties in person. Walking through different homes and different layouts together will help me nail down what your real "must have's" are in your next home!


Making an Offer

I will conduct a comparative market analysis (CMA) and advise you on making the strongest offer possible. After establishing the terms, I will construct the formal offer, and we will review all of the terms over the phone so that you are fully aware and comfortable with what you are signing. You will electronically sign all of the documents and with your approval, I will submit your offer to the listing agent and/or sellers.


Offer Response

When submitting an offer, we will establish a deadline for the seller to respond.  The seller can respond to your offer by accepting the terms as-is, countering with modified terms, or by rejecting the offer.  Once the terms have been negotiated and are acceptable to both parties, the contract will be bound, and you will be officially under contract on your next home!


Loan Application

Once under contract, it's time to formally apply for your mortgage loan. You can work with the lender of your choice, or leverage one of our preferred vendors.


Inspection & Resolution

My team will schedule a professional inspection of the home. Once the results are received, we will enter the resolution period where we can negotiate any repairs needed. During this resolution period, the contract may be amended to guarantee any repairs needed or credits from the seller.



Once you feel confident that you want to move forward with the home after the inspection findings, I will instruct your lender to order a professional appraisal of the home. If the home does not appraise for expected value, you will have the option to either renegotiate the contract terms, or terminate the contract.


Final Walk Through

I will accompany you on a final walk-through of the home.  This process allows one final opportunity to ensure that all negotiated repairs have been completed and the home is in the same or better condition than it was in when we made the original offer.



You lender will confirm that you are clear to close, and I will review and verify that your final Closing Disclosure is correct and that every dollar and credit is getting disbursed appropriately per the terms of our contract! Once complete, you will officially go to the "closing table." It typically takes an hour to sign all of the closing documents. Once these are signed, I have the privilege of giving you your new key, and you'll be ready to move into your new home!