Serving My Community

Urbangirl Nashville

UrbanGirl might be one of the greatest accomplishments of my life. I co-founded UrbanGirl Nashville in 2015. Through my work as a Realtor, I found that I was relocating so many women into Nashville from all over the country. I quickly realized that there was a real need for a non-threatening community of women who had recently moved to Nashville. Our city began to explode with transplants back in 2015 and women were moving here for a variety of different reasons – but mostly because Nashville is a kind, genuine and easy city in which to live. However, after a few months of living here, I continued to hear many of my female clients say the same thing to me: “Juliana, I love this city so much. It’s just been really hard to get connected with a solid group of other like-minded women when life is just so busy.” It was then I had my light bulb moment. My passion is real estate and negotiating, but my true gift is connecting people. I realized I could now do both hand-in-hand.

Nashville needed a female community that had less to do with “networking” and more to do with friendship and support. A community that would serve women ranging from ages 21-65. The first UrbanGirl event launched over an ice cold bucket of rosé, gluten-free pizza and about 40 women. From there UG exploded into a 3000+ womens collective that now holds discounts and partnerships all over town, small workshops and gatherings, supper clubs, fitness classes, large 300+ events and a very active Facebook group. I really enjoy serving my community by representing my clients through their real estate transactions. UrbanGirl goes one step deeper where I can truly nurture my female clients as they get settled into their new lives in Nashville by leveraging UrbanGirl and it’s many resources. If you know of someone who could benefit from the UrbanGirl Nashville community, please contact me directly and I’ll be sure they get connected!

Epic Girl

Owning Nashville at MW Real Estate Co. donates a percentage of each closing to the local Nonprofit, Epic Girl. Epic Girl serves as mentors and a “safe place” for Nashville’s female youth. Epic Girl has trained over 300 girls utilizing their identity curriculum. They work along side the juvenile probation/court, detention, foster care agnecies, at-risk youth programs and the department of children’s services. Juliana helps sponsor Epic Girl graduations, serves as a personal mentor to an Epic Girl graduate and hosts events to help raise funds for Epic Girl within her own community of UrbanGirl Nashville.