Kat Derickson

Transaction Coordinator

About Kat

Kat Derickson is Owning Nashville’s transaction coordinator and handles all the details from contract to close for each of our clients. Kat is one of those people that literally lives for checklists and systems. She is the warm smile of the team and holds our clients hands through every single piece of their contract.

Kat greets our clients with an organized email with next steps after they go under contract. Among many things, Kat’s job on the team is to help our clients know where to send their earnest money, will recommend and book all of their inspections, and furthermore will gather vendor bids on all of the inspection items once that comes so that Juliana and Sara can negotiate more credits back to their clients (this is something unique to Owning Nashville). One week before closing she sends final steps on what is needed prior to our clients closing day and also puts together our beautiful closing gift baskets full of gifts from local businesses that Owning Nashville supports.

Bottom line, you will not find a more “on it” transaction coordinator across the state of TN. Kat always has a smile on her face and loves to help our clients have a seamless contract to close experience. Owning Nashville team would not be the same without her.